Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mini Meh.

Well now that the Mobile World Congress is in full swing (only like the largest cell phone expo on the planet duh dudes), It looks like we have a pretty good idea of the trends to come, no matter how small (ahem) they might be. Looks like largely followed sony x-10 android phone will be gettin' bite-sized iterations of itself: one just like the daddy but smaller, and one with a sass-a -frass snap out qwerty keyboard. Both builds look slightly cheap and toy-like, but seem surprisingly responsive given-that both phones seem to be running sony's proprietary home-screen 'rachel' interface. (image courtesy of
sony ericsson robyn xperia x10 mini 1 e1262797676897
Kinda kewl, but mostly kinda been -there-done-done-that with my ipods evolution from big to tiny then really BIG again with the I-Pad.
But it micro-trend doesn't stop there: HTC is getting mini with the HD mini, and hey, LG announced the smallest touchscreen phone EVER with their GD880. Apparently elves and babies are target market of 2010, because I don't see how anyone of normal proportions could actually use these devices productively, right? Seriously, didn't we just do the whole 'mini' revolution a few years back? Is the 'retro orbit' really getting that small?

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